***You can start immediately!!!***
*Location : Darlington Point NSW 2706(Olam Kerarbury Orchard) Griffith
*Valid for 2nd/3rd year visa or 408 visa
*Recruiting operators for machine including sweepers
*NO need vaccinated
*Requirements for applicants:
– must have a valid driver’s license or international driver’s license
*Working conditions
– First 2 Weeks on Level 2($26.15) hourly pay for training purpose.
– piece rates apply to most positions(very good rates)
– Level 5($29.59) hourly rate and 150% overtime over 304hours in 8 weeks apply for sweeper
– lengths of employment: 3~4 months (commencing at the early Feb) with additional work for some positions
– 6-7 days a week work
* We prefer that you have a car but if you don’t, please let us know to arrange your pickup.